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As a farm; for those who enjoy a holiday in complete contact with nature, in a world of colors, sounds and unique fragrances it is good to favor an agricultural facility dedicated to tourism.

The farm intended as concerns reception and hospitality is an ideal destination for those who love to observe closely the rural life. You have the option to travel to old farmhouses, farms and fantastic castles often surrounded by a spectacular panorama.

A stay in an agricultural facility dedicated to tourism is not equivalent to a stay in the hotel or hotel, because the country offers opportunities as regards the accommodation that may be easier at low cost and quality at the same time.

It ‘so important to first choose the destination for their holidays to determine the place that meets your needs.

And this is where that comes into play with its best MioAgriturismo cataloged structures in appropriate database and broken down by region, selected by our editorial team consists of a team of qualified people in the field.

In the region’s main page you will find a summary of the structure and if the side displayed a magnifying glass means that it is full of personal card.

We made Mio Agriturismo giving priority to one thing: the ease in navigation and immediate traceability of the data.

I am hoping to have achieved this objective that remains the choice is yours, with the knowledge to enjoy moments of relaxation in the facilities selected by us.