Top Restaurants in Acapulco


Touring Acapulco isn’t complete without trying out its cuisines. Mind you, like many other tourist destinations, Acapulco is not backing down when it comes to their meals. With the number of tourists said to be on the up, restaurants in Acapulco have much to deliver.

Beto Godoy

Beto Godoy is located at the far-end of Barra Vieja Beach giving the best view of a blue lagoon.  The restaurant has been in Acapulco for years, serving the best of seafood dining options. Rumour has it that they serve the best “pescado a la talla” – a grilled fish cuisine marinated in a chilli-garlic sauce. It’s nothing like any ordinary grilled fish. It’s true that the restaurant is quite pricey but every price is definitely worth it.

Ika Tako

Ika Tako is a modest eatery that’s been around since 1984. Wonder how they reached this far? Well, it’s no surprise that people have loved them for so many years. Aside from their food being a staple for many locals, it has the best location facing the iconic Grand Hotel in Santa Lucia Bay. Ika Tako’s specialty is  fish and shrimp mixed with eight delicious salsas – yes EIGHT! It’s up for you to discover what these eight delicious salsas are.

Boca Chica

Although quite expensive, Boca Chica remains to be a popular poolside restaurant in Acapulco. It serves the best sushi in town and is known for its Mexican-Japanese cuisines. Did you know that this restaurant was built in 1950? In fact, it was featured in the Hollywood classic “Fun in Acapulco” by Elvis Presley.

Becco Al Mare

Do you need a break from the traditional tacos and shrimps? Then head to Becco Al Mare, an Italian-inspired restaurant in Acapulco. This restaurant serves the most delicious and fresh farm-to-table options such as grilled rib-eye and homemade lobster taglioni. The food options are surreal, thanks to Julian Martinez. Surprisingly, Becco Al Mare does not only amaze you with its food but it has a minimalist ambiance, which will soothe your senses. In fact, this place is definitely relaxing especially if you’ve come from a long trip.