Vacationing in Finland


Are you a westerner? Then you understand how calm and easy visiting another western country is, based on the fact that you’ll have some sense of familiarity. Majority of the things are usually easy to use such as using the bathroom, grocery store, and transportation.

Finland is a very tourist-friendly country, and entirely unique. Together with the uniqueness are some other things you have to know and keep in mind when you visit.


  • Finns can be solemn and quiet, however, they are far from being cold

Stereotypically, Finns are regarded as stern and quiet people. Although, they may seem like the reserved kind of people but this doesn’t mean they aren’t just as kind, or even kinder than other people in other countries. If they seem to be standoffish when you see them, don’t let that discourage you, or even think they hate you, it’s just their nature.

  • Finns love to know other people’s opinion of their country

Finns are debatably the most curious people when it comes to finding out what others think of their country. These people are genuinely curious, and what other way is best to break the ice with the quiet Finns rather than complimenting their country?

  • Swedish is also an official language in Finland

Finland was under Swedish rule for centuries and in fact, they are   countries. Knowing some Swedish phrases could be a plus in Finland as it is considered an official language there.

  • Finns don’t eat peels

Finns don’t eat peels because of chemicals on them. Same as potato skins too. If you are chowing down an unpeeled fruit in Finland, don’t be surprised when they look at you in some skewed ways. Also, you shouldn’t even expect to see produce with so many preservatives.

  • Being naked isn’t something to be shy about in Finland

Most Finns have saunas in their homes and the entire family goes in together, though separated by gender. Usually, you are naked in the sauna, even when you go with other people. Bathing suits are even considered physically uncomfortable in the heat. So, try to get used to public nakedness if you come from a more body-shy society.