The Best Moroccan Dishes


Moroccan dishes are mainly influenced by North African dishes. Even so, the delicacies here are totally amazing. They are very delicious and definitely worth a try. When you visit Morocco, make sure you visit any of these cuisines.


At a few pennies a bowl, this rich soup of dried broad beans is traditionally served for breakfast, topped with a swirl of olive oil, a sprinkling of cumin and bread fresh from the oven.


A tagine is the clay cooking pot with a conical lid that gives its name to a myriad of dishes. Tagines can be seen bubbling away at every roadside café, are found in top notch restaurants and in every home, and are always served with bread.

Fish Chermoula

With its long Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, Morocco boasts a rich array of fish dishes. Chermoula is a combination of herbs and spices used as a marinade before grilling over coals, and as a dipping sauce.


During the holy month of Ramadan, the fast is broken at sunset each day with a steaming bowl of harira soup. Rich with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas and lamb, it is finished off with a squeeze of lemon juice and some chopped coriander, and served with a sticky sweet pretzel called chebakkiya.

Kefta tagine

Beef or lamb mince with garlic, fresh coriander and parsley, cinnamon and ground coriander is rolled into balls and cooked in a tomato and onion sauce. Just before the dish is ready, eggs are cracked into depressions in the sauce and soon cook to perfection.

Top Restaurants in Acapulco


Touring Acapulco isn’t complete without trying out its cuisines. Mind you, like many other tourist destinations, Acapulco is not backing down when it comes to their meals. With the number of tourists said to be on the up, restaurants in Acapulco have much to deliver.

Beto Godoy

Beto Godoy is located at the far-end of Barra Vieja Beach giving the best view of a blue lagoon.  The restaurant has been in Acapulco for years, serving the best of seafood dining options. Rumour has it that they serve the best “pescado a la talla” – a grilled fish cuisine marinated in a chilli-garlic sauce. It’s nothing like any ordinary grilled fish. It’s true that the restaurant is quite pricey but every price is definitely worth it.

Ika Tako

Ika Tako is a modest eatery that’s been around since 1984. Wonder how they reached this far? Well, it’s no surprise that people have loved them for so many years. Aside from their food being a staple for many locals, it has the best location facing the iconic Grand Hotel in Santa Lucia Bay. Ika Tako’s specialty is  fish and shrimp mixed with eight delicious salsas – yes EIGHT! It’s up for you to discover what these eight delicious salsas are.

Boca Chica

Although quite expensive, Boca Chica remains to be a popular poolside restaurant in Acapulco. It serves the best sushi in town and is known for its Mexican-Japanese cuisines. Did you know that this restaurant was built in 1950? In fact, it was featured in the Hollywood classic “Fun in Acapulco” by Elvis Presley.

Becco Al Mare

Do you need a break from the traditional tacos and shrimps? Then head to Becco Al Mare, an Italian-inspired restaurant in Acapulco. This restaurant serves the most delicious and fresh farm-to-table options such as grilled rib-eye and homemade lobster taglioni. The food options are surreal, thanks to Julian Martinez. Surprisingly, Becco Al Mare does not only amaze you with its food but it has a minimalist ambiance, which will soothe your senses. In fact, this place is definitely relaxing especially if you’ve come from a long trip.

5 Reasons to Visit Turquoise Coast, Turkey



Turquoise Coast is also known as the popular Turkish Riviera. Located at the southwest part of Turkey, it boasts a sprawling white sand beach that feature turquoise waters, good food, and vibrant neighborhood.

 It encompasses the provinces of Antalya and Mugla, and is a popular destination for tourists wanting to relax and soak up in the refreshing waters. If you have doubts in this place, here are some of the top reasons why you might want to visit Turquoise Coast.

  1.   It is quite cheap to visit this city. The pound is currently strong against the Turkish Lira so if you are going here you would most likely just spend £47 per day. With its unique and unmatched beauty, you would not believe it is yet the most affordable destination in Turkey. However, because of the great value it offers for tourists, almost every hotel in this city is fully booked. If you are planning a Turkish summer vacation it is important that you book in advance to secure a comfortable place before you get here.
  2.   It has Turkey’s best beaches. Many locals believe that the precious stone “turquoise” is present in the sea waters making it perfectly turquoise in color. But some say that it is because of the naturally bright blue-green hue of the waters. Even so, you will find the best beaches of Turkey in the Turquoise Coast. The resorts of Kas and Kalkan are just two examples of family-friendly beaches. Next to them is the Ölüdeniz lagoon which is a spectacular spot for sunbathing.
  3.   It has fantastic hotels. Don’t underestimate this city when it comes to hotels and accommodations. Currently, it has hundreds of beautiful hotels that offer cosy accommodations. The surge of visitors has inspired investors to focus on opening more hotels year-round.  The Hilton Dalaman Sarigerme Resort & Spa, for example, will give you the best view of the Mediterranean Sea from the beachfront gazebo.
  4.   It has beautiful historical ruins. Even if you are not a history lover you would love seeing Turkey’s most beautiful ruins and take a journey to some years ago. You can visit Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia and other archaeological sites nearby.

5.   It is an epic water sports destination. Turquoise Coast offers a lot of water activities that you and your family can enjoy such as water skiing, diving, and parasailing. Adrenaline junkies would truly love how adventurous this country can get starting from  Fethiye in Muğla Province down to the city proper. You can even sign up for a paragliding session and float over the iconic Blue Lagoon.

Interesting Things To Do in Nairobi, Kenya


Nairobi is well-known as the safari capital of Africa, it is an energetic, modern city that serves as a fascinating introduction to both wildlife and nightlife. Music clubs pulse with life, shops, and markets bustle, and a mélange of restaurants will tempt your palate in this former Maasai watering hole. Keep reading this article for the best ideas about Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi National Museum

The Museum is situated on Museum Hill, a ten-minute drive from Nairobi CBD. It was opened on this site in 1930 and also closed in 2005 to undertake significant improvements, resuming in June 2008. The museum, as well as its surrounds, link to the four columns of Kenya’s national heritage– nature, culture, background and contemporary art. The museum precinct includes not just the actual museum but an art gallery, botanical gardens, a serpent park, and shopping/eating facilities.

Tea and Coffee in Nairobi

It is one of the best things to do in Nairobi is to drink a cuppa. The country is well-known for both coffee and tea plantations so where better could you be to taste them? There’s nothing quite like reading the newspaper with a hot cup of fresh coffee, that grown locally. 

National Park

You believe just because you remain in the center of a busy city, you can just do city points? Reconsider. Among the very best activities is checking out Nairobi National Park, a plain 7 km away from Nairobi’s facility. It boasts four of the Big Five– lion, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo– along with over a hundred other African creatures.

Masai Market

The market is held each day in a different place in Nairobi. The marketplace is a bustling, colorful, loud as well as active experience and also is the area to choose absolutely African items to take the house for yourself. Purchasing presents from citizens assists support the regional economy directly, so it’s a win-win situation.

Langata Giraffe Centre

Langata Giraffe Centre was opened in 1983, It’s made a huge impact on protecting the endangered Rothschild Giraffe. The centre focussing on showing the regional area regarding conservation as well as they offer complementary preservation workshops to local institution groups.

Enjoy Kenyan Cuisine in Nairobi

What’s a tour to a new destination without tasting the local foods? Different communities in Kenya have different ‘trademark meals’, and also there a variety of excellent restaurants that specialize in traditional Kenyan meals. The emphasis is on locally-sourced, fresh components. One pointer: miss breakfast and also go hungry!

Kibera Tour

Africa is a continent of extremes, and also this applies to living conditions as long as anything else. In an area of around 2.5 km2, over 1 million people live, which is approximately one-third of Nairobi’s populace. This is Kibera, concerning 3 kilometers south-east of Nairobi CBD.

Drink Beer

Africans like their beer. There’s nothing better than a cool ale after a day in the warm sunlight. Whether you’re a fan of Tusker, Kenya’s many popular beers, or like to experiment with craft beers, Nairobi has something for you.

The Brew Bistro and Lounge is a fashionable, vibey bar on Ngong’ Road. It has different sections and prides itself on supplying a feast for the senses. With an internal brewery producing craft beer, it’s the place to go if you’re a beer connoisseur.

Vacationing in Finland


Are you a westerner? Then you understand how calm and easy visiting another western country is, based on the fact that you’ll have some sense of familiarity. Majority of the things are usually easy to use such as using the bathroom, grocery store, and transportation.

Finland is a very tourist-friendly country, and entirely unique. Together with the uniqueness are some other things you have to know and keep in mind when you visit.


  • Finns can be solemn and quiet, however, they are far from being cold

Stereotypically, Finns are regarded as stern and quiet people. Although, they may seem like the reserved kind of people but this doesn’t mean they aren’t just as kind, or even kinder than other people in other countries. If they seem to be standoffish when you see them, don’t let that discourage you, or even think they hate you, it’s just their nature.

  • Finns love to know other people’s opinion of their country

Finns are debatably the most curious people when it comes to finding out what others think of their country. These people are genuinely curious, and what other way is best to break the ice with the quiet Finns rather than complimenting their country?

  • Swedish is also an official language in Finland

Finland was under Swedish rule for centuries and in fact, they are   countries. Knowing some Swedish phrases could be a plus in Finland as it is considered an official language there.

  • Finns don’t eat peels

Finns don’t eat peels because of chemicals on them. Same as potato skins too. If you are chowing down an unpeeled fruit in Finland, don’t be surprised when they look at you in some skewed ways. Also, you shouldn’t even expect to see produce with so many preservatives.

  • Being naked isn’t something to be shy about in Finland

Most Finns have saunas in their homes and the entire family goes in together, though separated by gender. Usually, you are naked in the sauna, even when you go with other people. Bathing suits are even considered physically uncomfortable in the heat. So, try to get used to public nakedness if you come from a more body-shy society.

Best Places to Visit in Denmark


Bordered by Germany, Denmark is a country made up of 443 islands, ranked as the happiest country in the world. The nation is a kingdom of fairy tales, churches, museums, boasting picturesque harbors, charming timber houses and impressive royal palaces. Denmark offers many beautiful and historic cities that are worth a visit. Thus, if you are planning a trip to this beautiful country in Europe, here are our top choices for cities to enjoy in Denmark.

Tivoli Gardens– Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the Second oldest Amusement park in the world. Tivoli Gardens filled with beautiful cafes & restaurant, parks, social center & theatres with Danish Cultural shows are merely brilliant. There are many shows & theatres and dazzling fireworks show at night, which is without a doubt a delicacy to the eyes.

Burnham– Being one of the most jam-packed countries in Europe, hence if you desire to go out from the city hassle, go to Bornholm, also known as ‘Danish Paradise’ and an island sited 200 km of Copenhagen, flanked by Poland and Sweden. Most of the tourists go to this place to enjoy the serenity and tranquility on the island’s beautiful coastline, as quickly as the picturesque countryside.

Kronborg Castle– Located in the Helsingor town, the beautiful Kronborg Castle is a must visit a historic site in Denmark, that you can cover in a day trip. From the castle, you will bear a fantastic scene of Ocean & will see Sweden on the other side of the ocean. If you are a Shakespeare’s lover, the celebrated play “Hamlet” has a connection to this historic castle.

Frederiksborg Slot– One of the most visited Danish castles in Denmark, Frederiksborg is a beautiful castle with a widely spread royal history of the Danish kingdom. It’s incredibly beautiful with scenic gardens, and it has a considerable museum & church where you can witness the fairy-tale of Danish royal families.

The Viking Ship Museum– Located in the Roskilde, the Viking Ship Museum has many highlights that fans of history find fascinating. The destination has been made yet more special through the inclusion of many interactive exhibits, several of which geared toward kids. Many travelers enjoy a number of innovative Viking ships that were discovered in Roskilde Fjord, though some equally enthralled by the working boatyard where Viking shipbuilding techniques yet used.

Skagen– Skagen is a pleasant small town located on the very point of Denmark. This old fishing village provides a perfect ambiance for rest.

Little Mermaid– No visit to Denmark is complete without visiting the famed Little Mermaid statue. Single of the most photographed icons in the Earth, draws millions of visitors each year. The Little Mermaid sits on a stone just off the harbor front to the north of Copenhagen’s oldest town.

Oresund Bridge– The Öresund Bridge is a shared rail and road bridge. The first 8 kilometers are on the deck, the last 4 km is through the world’s most extended submerged passage that conveys you to the artificial island of Pepparholmen.

Den Gamle By– Den Gamle By being a vast open-air museum, located in the heart of Aarhus, the second biggest urban center in Denmark. The museum is open daily from 10:00 but closing hours depending on the season. Den Gamble By is one of the three top Aarhus museums that should be very high on the priority list of any visitor.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Bahamas


The Bahamas is a country that consists of scattering islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, SE of Florida’s tip. Most people on vacation always visit Grand Bahama Island, Paradise Island or Nassau. So, there are so many ways to enjoy your stay in the Bahamas with the world-class restaurants, numerous sea activities, and world-class restaurants.

We have a well-prepared process if how to vacation in the Bahamas:

STEP 1: decide when you intend to take the vacation. In the Bahamas, the temperatures are between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, with high humidity, heat and more rain in the summer. Hurricane season in the Bahamas takes place from June to November, though they occur very infrequently. So, you can book a refundable travel in case of an approaching storm. Most hotels in the Bahamas charge expensively from mid-December through mid-April.

STEP 2: booking your travel is the next thing to do. Most travellers arrive via the Lynden Pindling International Airport in the country’s capital city, Nassau. It could even be the Grand Bahama International Airport on the Grand Bahama Island.

STEP 3: most travellers stay on Paradise Island, Nassau or Grand Bahama Island, so you can choose where to stay from these three. Also, there are some other lodging choices on the smaller islands.

STEP 4: make plans for the activities you wish to partake in. Most people on vacation in the Bahamas spend most time at the beach, either to just lie in the sand or do other water activities such as sailing, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking or snorkelling. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll enjoy playing golf, biking, hiking and horseback riding. There are also varieties of bars, nightclubs or lounges if you want to have a taste of the Bahamian nightlife. For the foodies, there are a-class restaurants to eat, shopping malls and even spas to relax.

You should consider going to one of the tourist attraction on the island like the Albert Lowe Museum, the Garden of the Groves, or the National Art Gallery.

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