Interesting Things To Do in Nairobi, Kenya


Nairobi is well-known as the safari capital of Africa, it is an energetic, modern city that serves as a fascinating introduction to both wildlife and nightlife. Music clubs pulse with life, shops, and markets bustle, and a mélange of restaurants will tempt your palate in this former Maasai watering hole. Keep reading this article for the best ideas about Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi National Museum

The Museum is situated on Museum Hill, a ten-minute drive from Nairobi CBD. It was opened on this site in 1930 and also closed in 2005 to undertake significant improvements, resuming in June 2008. The museum, as well as its surrounds, link to the four columns of Kenya’s national heritage– nature, culture, background and contemporary art. The museum precinct includes not just the actual museum but an art gallery, botanical gardens, a serpent park, and shopping/eating facilities.


Tea and Coffee in Nairobi

It is one of the best things to do in Nairobi is to drink a cuppa. The country is well-known for both coffee and tea plantations so where better could you be to taste them? There’s nothing quite like reading the newspaper with a hot cup of fresh coffee, that grown locally. 


National Park

You believe just because you remain in the center of a busy city, you can just do city points? Reconsider. Among the very best activities is checking out Nairobi National Park, a plain 7 km away from Nairobi’s facility. It boasts four of the Big Five– lion, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo– along with over a hundred other African creatures.


Masai Market

The market is held each day in a different place in Nairobi. The marketplace is a bustling, colorful, loud as well as active experience and also is the area to choose absolutely African items to take the house for yourself. Purchasing presents from citizens assists support the regional economy directly, so it’s a win-win situation.


Langata Giraffe Centre

Langata Giraffe Centre was opened in 1983, It’s made a huge impact on protecting the endangered Rothschild Giraffe. The centre focussing on showing the regional area regarding conservation as well as they offer complementary preservation workshops to local institution groups.


Enjoy Kenyan Cuisine in Nairobi

What’s a tour to a new destination without tasting the local foods? Different communities in Kenya have different ‘trademark meals’, and also there a variety of excellent restaurants that specialize in traditional Kenyan meals. The emphasis is on locally-sourced, fresh components. One pointer: miss breakfast and also go hungry!


Kibera Tour

Africa is a continent of extremes, and also this applies to living conditions as long as anything else. In an area of around 2.5 km2, over 1 million people live, which is approximately one-third of Nairobi’s populace. This is Kibera, concerning 3 kilometers south-east of Nairobi CBD.


Drink Beer

Africans like their beer. There’s nothing better than a cool ale after a day in the warm sunlight. Whether you’re a fan of Tusker, Kenya’s many popular beers, or like to experiment with craft beers, Nairobi has something for you.

The Brew Bistro and Lounge is a fashionable, vibey bar on Ngong’ Road. It has different sections and prides itself on supplying a feast for the senses. With an internal brewery producing craft beer, it’s the place to go if you’re a beer connoisseur.


Vacationing in Finway


Are you a westerner? Then you understand how calm and easy visiting another western country is, based on the fact that you’ll have some sense of familiarity. Majority of the things are usually easy to use such as using the bathroom, grocery store, and transportation.

Finland is a very tourist-friendly country, and entirely unique. Together with the uniqueness are some other things you have to know and keep in mind when you visit.


  • Finns can be solemn and quiet, however, they are far from being cold

Stereotypically, Finns are regarded as stern and quiet people. Although, they may seem like the reserved kind of people but this doesn’t mean they aren’t just as kind, or even kinder than other people in other countries. If they seem to be standoffish when you see them, don’t let that discourage you, or even think they hate you, it’s just their nature.

  • Finns love to know other people’s opinion of their country

Finns are debatably the most curious people when it comes to finding out what others think of their country. These people are genuinely curious, and what other way is best to break the ice with the quiet Finns rather than complimenting their country?

  • Swedish is also an official language in Finland

Finland was under Swedish rule for centuries and in fact, they are   countries. Knowing some Swedish phrases could be a plus in Finland as it is considered an official language there.

  • Finns don’t eat peels

Finns don’t eat peels because of chemicals on them. Same as potato skins too. If you are chowing down an unpeeled fruit in Finland, don’t be surprised when they look at you in some skewed ways. Also, you shouldn’t even expect to see produce with so many preservatives.

  • Being naked isn’t something to be shy about in Finland

Most Finns have saunas in their homes and the entire family goes in together, though separated by gender. Usually, you are naked in the sauna, even when you go with other people. Bathing suits are even considered physically uncomfortable in the heat. So, try to get used to public nakedness if you come from a more body-shy society.


Best Places to Visit in Denmark


Bordered by Germany, Denmark is a country made up of 443 islands, ranked as the happiest country in the world. The nation is a kingdom of fairy tales, churches, museums, boasting picturesque harbors, charming timber houses and impressive royal palaces. Denmark offers many beautiful and historic cities that are worth a visit. Thus, if you are planning a trip to this beautiful country in Europe, here are our top choices for cities to enjoy in Denmark.




Tivoli Gardens– Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the Second oldest Amusement park in the world. Tivoli Gardens filled with beautiful cafes & restaurant, parks, social center & theatres with Danish Cultural shows are merely brilliant. There are many shows & theatres and dazzling fireworks show at night, which is without a doubt a delicacy to the eyes.


Burnham– Being one of the most jam-packed countries in Europe, hence if you desire to go out from the city hassle, go to Bornholm, also known as ‘Danish Paradise’ and an island sited 200 km of Copenhagen, flanked by Poland and Sweden. Most of the tourists go to this place to enjoy the serenity and tranquility on the island’s beautiful coastline, as quickly as the picturesque countryside.


Kronborg Castle– Located in the Helsingor town, the beautiful Kronborg Castle is a must visit a historic site in Denmark, that you can cover in a day trip. From the castle, you will bear a fantastic scene of Ocean & will see Sweden on the other side of the ocean. If you are a Shakespeare’s lover, the celebrated play “Hamlet” has a connection to this historic castle.


Frederiksborg Slot– One of the most visited Danish castles in Denmark, Frederiksborg is a beautiful castle with a widely spread royal history of the Danish kingdom. It’s incredibly beautiful with scenic gardens, and it has a considerable museum & church where you can witness the fairy-tale of Danish royal families.


The Viking Ship Museum– Located in the Roskilde, the Viking Ship Museum has many highlights that fans of history find fascinating. The destination has been made yet more special through the inclusion of many interactive exhibits, several of which geared toward kids. Many travelers enjoy a number of innovative Viking ships that were discovered in Roskilde Fjord, though some equally enthralled by the working boatyard where Viking shipbuilding techniques yet used.


Skagen– Skagen is a pleasant small town located on the very point of Denmark. This old fishing village provides a perfect ambiance for rest.


Little Mermaid– No visit to Denmark is complete without visiting the famed Little Mermaid statue. Single of the most photographed icons in the Earth, draws millions of visitors each year. The Little Mermaid sits on a stone just off the harbor front to the north of Copenhagen’s oldest town.

Oresund Bridge– The Öresund Bridge is a shared rail and road bridge. The first 8 kilometers are on the deck, the last 4 km is through the world’s most extended submerged passage that conveys you to the artificial island of Pepparholmen.


Den Gamle By– Den Gamle By being a vast open-air museum, located in the heart of Aarhus, the second biggest urban center in Denmark. The museum is open daily from 10:00 but closing hours depending on the season. Den Gamble By is one of the three top Aarhus museums that should be very high on the priority list of any visitor.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Bahamas


The Bahamas is a country that consists of scattering islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, SE of Florida’s tip. Most people on vacation always visit Grand Bahama Island, Paradise Island or Nassau. So, there are so many ways to enjoy your stay in the Bahamas with the world-class restaurants, numerous sea activities, and world-class restaurants.

We have a well-prepared process if how to vacation in the Bahamas:


STEP 1: decide when you intend to take the vacation. In the Bahamas, the temperatures are between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, with high humidity, heat and more rain in the summer. Hurricane season in the Bahamas takes place from June to November, though they occur very infrequently. So, you can book a refundable travel in case of an approaching storm. Most hotels in the Bahamas charge expensively from mid-December through mid-April.

STEP 2: booking your travel is the next thing to do. Most travellers arrive via the Lynden Pindling International Airport in the country’s capital city, Nassau. It could even be the Grand Bahama International Airport on the Grand Bahama Island.

STEP 3: most travellers stay on Paradise Island, Nassau or Grand Bahama Island, so you can choose where to stay from these three. Also, there are some other lodging choices on the smaller islands.

STEP 4: make plans for the activities you wish to partake in. Most people on vacation in the Bahamas spend most time at the beach, either to just lie in the sand or do other water activities such as sailing, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking or snorkelling. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll enjoy playing golf, biking, hiking and horseback riding. There are also varieties of bars, nightclubs or lounges if you want to have a taste of the Bahamian nightlife. For the foodies, there are a-class restaurants to eat, shopping malls and even spas to relax.

You should consider going to one of the tourist attraction on the island like the Albert Lowe Museum, the Garden of the Groves, or the National Art Gallery.



Vacationing in Paris for the First Time?


If it’s your first time being in Paris, you definitely would want to visit the Eiffel Tower. This place is really amazing; however, you shouldn’t forget there are so much more fun things to do in Paris, there are so many places to go, foods to eat, places to shop and so on.

Since you’ll most likely not be able to go everywhere or do everything, we’ve decided to help you out by compiling a list containing details of how you can enjoy your vacation in the City of Light.




Eiffel Tower:

This Tower, which happens to be the most iconic symbol of the capital city of France wasn’t always so beloved in the past. It was constructed by Gustave Eiffel for the World Fair in 1889, the tower wasn’t meant to remain standing when the fair is over, but as it was half-loved and half-hated by Parisians, inventors saw some usefulness in it, and the tower escaped being dismantled. Over a century later, the Eiffel Tower has always attracted millions of visitors to Paris.

The tower gets illuminated at night, and it even sparkles every hour for about 5 minutes if you stick around more.



Musée du Louvre:

This was once the home of French Royals; it has since become the best and even the largest art museum in the world. When you visit this place, you should remember to take a selfie with I.M Pei’s popular Louvre Pyramid, or you can just go straight inside to feed your eyes with classic artworks such as the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo.













Notre-Dame de Paris:

This is one of the most highly recognized churches ever; the Notre-Dame Cathedral impressively represents the French Gothic architecture. This place is known to be the site of Napoleon’s coronation and also the setting for Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

You should know that visiting the Notre-Dame Cathedral is free. However, you can’t avoid waiting on the line for about 30 minutes.



  • Crepes
  • Bordier Butter
  • Baguette, pastries, and pain au chocolat
  • Macaroons



Do you intend to go with your kids and you have no idea how to make them love the vacation? A few friends from church traveled there with our kids recently. We were celebrating the 10 year anniversary of our towing business (www.MesaTowingServices.com) and spent a full week in Paris seeing the sights.  These are a few of the things the kids loved most:  

  • Chocolate tasting tour
  • Behind the scenes bakery tour
  • Fat tire bike tours
  • Eiffel tower and Seine river cruise
  • Hop-on Hop-off bus
  • Paris Aquarium Cineaqua
  • The Paris Story


Finally, Paris being an expensive city doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your stay there. For backpackers and hikers, there are certain things you can still do in Paris for free; such as going on a free walking tour, exploring the city’s beautiful parks, stroll down the Champs-Elysees and checking out Place des Vosges.


Tips for a Caribbean Cruise


It’s no big deal to go to the Caribbean, but to truly discover its timeless natural treasures and beautiful tropical playgrounds, its amazing people, and personalities, is not possible for everyone. And this is exactly what the difference between a vacation and a life-changing experience is. So here’s our list of 5 things you should definitely do on a Caribbean cruise –


The Western Caribbean is famous for a capital of Mayan archaeological treasures, including well-preserved cities and temples, ancient plazas, pyramids and citadels majestic as the legendary ruins of Rome, Athens, and Egypt. The awe-inspiring 2,000-year-old city of Altun Ha in Belize and the famous “El Castillo” castle ruins in Tulum will make your jaw drop.


Whether you are an experienced diver or a novice snorkelers, you should definitely take a snorkeling boat and sail the heavenly exotic waters of Caribbean way down to the Stingray Sandbar. We can guarantee you that swimming alongside huge beautiful stingrays on the sandy seafloor in the North Sound lagoon will be one of the most beautiful moments of your life.




Fly high like a bird above the treetops of Antigua’s dense rainforest on an exuberating zipline rope. It will take you right through the heart of this exotic forest over the dramatic scenery and a wonderful gorge full of rich flora, interesting fruits, and several bird species.



Your trip to St. Lucia won’t be complete without visiting it’s most notable landmark – Les Pitons, now declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Catch a unique view of these magnificent dominating volcanoes while sailing by catamaran between the Petit & Gros peaks, parts of which stretch more than 2000 feet in the air, and then take a refreshing swim in a secluded cove in Marigot Bay.


There’s no other way to enjoy the local food learning the secrets of cooking authentic Mexican cuisine from a prestigious local chef, and then embracing the area’s festive culture by enjoying the dishes you made along with Mexican wines and National Open Bar—including amazing cocktails mixed with mezcal, tequila, rum, brandy, vodka, and beer. After a mouth-watering lunch, unwind at Playa Mia Grand Beach Park, which is also one of the largest and most popular beaches in Cozumel.

Best Travel Destinations in Toronto


Toronto is the largest city of Canada having population of more than 2.6 million. This city is famous for its professional sports that includes Hockey’s Maple Leaf and Baseball’s Blu Jays. Toronto has great shopping malls, a wide range of dining options, and world-class museums. Toronto is a city full of life and energy with its restored Victorian buildings, large Chinatown, and modern tall buildings. Tourist attractions in Toronto are:

  • CN Tower

This tower is the most recognizable icon of Canada that is located in the heart of Downtown Toronto. The Railway Company ‘Canadian National’ has built the Communication Tower having the height of 553.33 meters. This tower was the tallest tower in the world for 30 years until it was surpassed by the Burj Dubai. Visitors are taken up where they want through the glass elevator.

  • St. Lawrence Market

Today, St. Lawrence Market is contained in three buildings. One building of this market is for specialty food, second building is for farmer’s market and third for retail shops. South market houses 120 shops of foods, the cultural services of Toronto are showcased on second floor. Farmer’s market is housed in the north market.

  • Distillery District

The Distillery District has a charm of Victorian Toronto, people visits this place when they want to enjoy the charm of Victorian Toronto. This shopping area centers around the restored buildings, the shopping area is pedestrian-only. Visitors can find here boutiques, art galleries, entertainment venues, and more than 80 retail shops. The whole year, a number of events like music and cultural festivals and art shows are hosted by the District. It is the hottest spot in Canada.

  • Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands are the only Islands in the part of Lake Ontario. These are the largest care-free zone in North America, since a few cars are permitted to enter there. Centreville is an amusement park for children, located on the largest island. It also hosts different art festivals and music festivals throughout the year.

  • Ripley’s Museum of Canada

The Ripley’s Museum of Canada has 16000 aquatic animals, all swimming in the same tank. The tank is filled with 1.5 million gallons of water. This aquarium is the underwater tunnel, visitors can observe all these aquatic animals by walking through this largest tunnel of the North America. Every two hours live shows and starring of animals are conducted.

  • Casa Loma

This castle is a worth seeing place that is hard to miss or forget. The Casa Loma building was built on a hill in the 20th century. The construction of this huge castle was a dream of a wealthy man who always wanted to live in a Castle. Casa Loma has taken three years for its construction with 300 workers. When this castle was built it was the largest home in Toronto with 98 rooms in it, a library, a hunting lodge, secret passageway, lovely gardens blooming with flowers, and an elevator.