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What Defines Teeth Whitening Candidature?

Everybody develops white teeth at first. That’s a benefit as well as a disadvantage. People already know what color every teeth should be. If otherwise, that’s worth a laugh. I am double sure that if humans had brown teeth, no one could wish to have them white. It would look awkward.  If your teeth are not white, you have some defect. Fortunately, that’s not a serious one to affect your health. With dentists having a lot in store for their clients, people want to understand teeth whitening as a procedure to understand how it might help them. Well, it’s about making teeth white. If your teeth aren’t white, then you are in.

Is your smile impaired?
We are made to cry when it’s time to do so. Again, we all get jovial when it’s time to laugh. However, some people tend to remain dormant even when a joke is cracked simply because they can’t hold a smile for a second. If they do, people will know and they will suffer intimidation. Dentists are there to offer corrective treatments and smile makeover services. It is obvious that every dentist will clean your teeth white if you go seeking such services. You will need to consider some factors that will determine if you are the right candidate for the procedure though. Here are some of those who qualify.

Stained and brown teeth
It goes without saying that teeth must be of another color other than white for teeth whitening to be appropriate. Due to various reasons, teeth change colors or get tinted. When they do, it is hard for you to clean them to pure white. Only dentists have the right advice and treatment to bring your teeth back to normal for lovely smile. Without regular teeth brushing, simple stains will hold on to become permanent. The very first advice of all times by dentists is to ensure regular dental care through teeth brushing. This removes stains before they harden and adhere on your teeth.


Smoke is not white. It is made of carbon. Carbon is very good at adhering to the teeth. That’s why smokers appear to have tinted teeth especially when they do endorse regular teeth brushing. If you feel your smoking habits have led to permanent teeth staining, it’s not over yet. Teeth whitening can solve your problem. But you will have to quit smoking or keep whitening forever.

Age and drinks
Coffee has its ever black color and so does tea. The unfortunate bit is that everything you drink will have to pass through your teeth. Staining becomes the order of the day with time. With age, your teeth will have been stained far too much that your original white color of the teeth will be nowhere to be found. And that is when you will need teeth whitening.

Not for all though
I may have generalized the candidature factors but there are some individuals who don’t qualify for teeth whitening yet. Such include;

People with sensitive teeth
Pregnant women
Where one has other dental restorations like crowns and fillings
Gum disease, teeth decay victims